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To help end human trafficking in America by crafting thoughtfully-designed, modern soy candles for us everyday people to enjoy.



To donate 10% of our revenue to our partner nonprofit.


To stand behind our products, 100%.


To operate with integrity and honesty. No secrets.

Trusted Partners

We partner with nonprofits that have a proven dedication to fighting human trafficking in the United States. We believe in a comprehensive approach to combating this issue- prevention, prosecution, and restoration. Our partners have specific missions aimed at educating the public/professionals about the issue, lobbying for legislation on tougher penalties for traffickers (including buyers of sex) and better handling of victims, providing evidence and tips of human trafficking operations to law enforcement, and restorative services for the traumatized victims coming out of the trade.




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The Candles

Our candles are made using renewable, natural soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, fragrances infused with essential oils, recyclable containers, and packaged in boxes made from recycled material.  They are crafted in small batches and tested relentlessly in Texas, USA.

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The Team

It takes a lot to keep Calyan going. Thankfully, we’ve got the best around. We take pride in our work. We pursue the honest way over the easy way. And we believe firmly in the impact we are making together. Get to know us.


Director/Founder Guy
I believe social change starts small. My focus is on creating a company that cares deeply for its people, engages the everyday person in tangible social change, and that proves to be immensely socially impactful. You’ll find me at the shop making candles, working on getting our products on shelves nationwide, or doing the boring behind-the-scenes work to keep Calyan going. Come change the world with us!

Stephen Engstrom

Marketing & Promotions Guy

I only have one life to give and I want to live it serving the hurting and hopeless. I am proud to be a part of Calyan, its quality products, and clear  mission. I highly respect the people in my life who love sacrificially and without any expectation of recompense. I want to love like that through my work at Calyan. I get to manage our social media, coordinate events, start awesome partnerships with like-minded companies, and put up with Jacob’s insanity.


Mark Robinson

Production Guy
Doing what I can to help you make a difference in our world. I am the Chief Wicker Sticker and comedic relief for the candle shop.

Chris Bowles

Production & Market Guy
I want to help create a safe world for my children. I make candles and then pass them out at a reasonable price.


Company Dog
I like to rough house and be super cute. I keep the guys on their toes by nipping at their ankles.